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Currently on version 9, Ableton Live is a powerful and innovative software platform for making and performing music. It’s rapidly becoming the industry standard for electronic music production.

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Why Choose Ableton Live?

I recommend Ableton to anyone who wants to get into music production and explore their creativity. Making music with Ableton is a fun process, which keeps your ideas and imagination flowing. Nothing is more than a couple of clicks away and you rarely have to delve into menus. It doesn’t take too long to cover the basics and I can get you making your first tracks after just one lesson.


My Experience with Ableton

I’ve been using Ableton since version 4 almost 12 years ago and since then have been getting my fix on a daily basis. I worked as Ableton tech for Coldcut during their world tour in 2006 and have been in contact with the Ableton team since then. I’ve used it on professional projects such as Jazzie B’s Masterpiece and Tricky’s Mixed Race album as well as sound design and production jobs. I’ve given private and group lessons in Ableton for over 4 years.


Topics Covered

Lessons are 100% tailored to you so I always start by having a chat about what you’d like to do with Ableton. If you’re not sure and just want to learn it from the start then I have a structured course we can follow too. Here are just some examples of the topics that I’ve covered with students:

  • Setting up your Ableton studio and advice on what gear to buy.
  • How to make remixes and mashups.
  • The awesome power of Warping and what you can do with it.
  • How to DJ using Ableton and any MIDI controller.
  • All the new features in Live 9 including Audio-to-MIDI and Session View Automation.
  • How do they make that sound? Bring in your favourite track and we’ll build it from scratch. Copying is a fun and effective way to learn production tricks.
  • The best way to program drums.
  • Staying organised and how to share Live Sets.
  • All the keyboard shortcuts you need to know to speed up your workflow.
  • Max for Live. Create your own custom effects and instruments.

Head over to the videos for some example tutorials.