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Pro Tools is the industry standard software package for recording, editing and mixing music. And rightly so – this is an amazingly powerful and fully featured DAW which has earned its position in recording studios the world over.

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Why Choose Pro Tools?

Being proficient in Pro Tools is a must for anyone looking to work in a professional recording studio. It’s also a great choice for home studios and anyone who records vocals or instruments as part of their music-making. The editing facilities in Pro Tools are the best in any DAW and the automation and mixing workflow is rock-solid. Pro Tools is completely cross-platform and no longer has the hardware restrictions of previous versions, so you can pick and choose whichever interface you like.


My Experience with Pro Tools

I started on Pro Tools while I was a studio assistant before undertaking my own sessions as in-house engineer at The Dairy Studios. Back then it was version 7 and we’re now on version 12, having seen many improvements along the way. Almost all of my studio sessions have been undertaken with Pro Tools, both recording and mixing, and I’ve also used a Pro Tools setup for mobile recordings in locations such as The Royal Festival Hall and Brixton Academy. Additionally I choose Pro Tools for sound-to-picture work such as sound design for TV adverts. I’ve now been teaching Pro Tools to individuals and groups for 4 years.


Topics Covered

Lessons are 100% tailored to you so I always start by having a chat about what you’d like to achieve with Pro Tools. If you’re not sure and just want to learn it from the start then I have a structured course we can follow too. Here are just some examples of the topics that I’ve covered with students:

  • Setting up your Pro Tools studio and advice on what gear to buy.
  • Basic concepts: the Mix window, the Edit window, the Clip list, Groups and Tracks, Operation Modes.
  • The different track types: Audio, Instrument, Aux, Master, MIDI.
  • Getting the most out of Pro Tools’ bundled instruments.
  • How to route and use effects: Insert vs Send & Return vs Parallel FX.
  • Tuning vocals: my proven workflow and Autotune vs Melodyne.
  • Powerful editing techniques e.g. Strip Silence, Beat Detective, Group Editing.
  • Recording: home and studio recording techniques. 
  • Mixing: in depth with EQ and compression, and a good template approach for setting up a mix.
  • Elastic Audio: creative and corrective time stretching features.
  • Sample replacement and reinforcement.
  • Working with tempo changes.
  • Sound design and working with video in Pro Tools.

Head over to the videos for some example tutorials.