Remote Tuition

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If you’re not based in London but would still like tuition from me then I can offer the convenient option of Remote Tuition. Remote lessons are conducted over the internet using free software such as Skype and iChat which also allow the option of screen-sharing and remote control. This means I can show you techniques and guide you through by taking control of your machine. This has worked well with previous clients.

With remote tuition I’ve taught clients as far away as Perth, Australia…almost 9000 miles away!


How a remote tuition session works:

–  We begin with a video chat to establish your requirements.

–  I then share my screen with you so you can watch as I demonstrate and talk you through a technique.

–  I observe you trying the technique on your machine with the ability to take control if you need assistance.


If you’re interested in online lessons please get in touch via the contact page.